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Bianca Roche discusses her experience learning with The Institute Of Makeup


It all started in early 2016, I was looking for a makeup course to enrol in but not just any makeup course I needed to find the perfect provider for me, my personality and my mental illnesses.


I stumbled across new.theinstituteofmakeup.com thoroughly checked out the website and decided to give the number listed a call. I instantly reached Haley I was shocked here I was thinking “I’m going to be put through to an automated system, a couple of robots and on hold for three years” but there was none of that. I talked to Haley and explained to her that I had recently become qualified beauty therapist however that wasn’t my passion and I wanted more than just the basic makeup I had learnt there. My passion is makeup and I needed more, I needed to enhance my skills and make something more of myself and my talents. We talked about the ins and outs of the course for maybe half an hour and I was thrilled! 


Over the next few days and weeks I was enrolled and all set to go I had phone calls with both Haley and one of the Makeup Educators who not only welcomed me and made me feel comfortable but they made me feel confident. I was positive that I was on the right track.


Once my makeup kit and brushes arrived to my door step I knew it was serious and this was what I was going to be doing for the next 12 weeks, it all sunk in and I was overwhelmed with nervousness and excitement. 


Then, like clockwork, my anxiety set in and I was having frequent panic attacks my mind was filled with “Is this something I can actually do, what if I’m not good enough, what if they don’t like me or my work” after a couple of emails back and forth with Haley my mind was at ease and slowly after struggling with anxiety and depression for the past six years I started to get better and panic attacks aren’t as severe anymore and my anxiety attacks aren’t as frequent.


“This course has not only improved my mind state but my self confidence. I now feel self worth, I feel motivated, determined and destined for a successful career. “


I was lucky enough to be in a group of fantastic women, despite the age differences and being on other sides of the country I have made an amazing friendship group and not only that but also a genuine support system. The girls along side the whole team at The Institute Of Makeup helped me through any obstacle I may have even if it is just with some kind words.


Week in week out new techniques are challenging but I am constantly motivated and ready to give it a go, I study hard and practice techniques until I feel like my hands are going to fall off. I’m always ecstatic to get my feedback from my homework. Haley encourages me and gives me constructive criticism so I can further improve. Honestly if she had of just sugar coated it I wouldn’t be where I am today.


Now I can’t tell you that it is all sunshine and butterflies, blue skies and happy days. It definitely is not. Yes it can be glamorous but it is not all glitz and glam. This course requires hard work, dedication, early mornings, late nights and never giving up. You have to practice and practice until you master or come close to perfection. It’s not as simple as looking at a picture or a video and being able to do it.


My skill level since beginning this course has improved drastically to the point where people stop me in the shops and say “Hey I saw that makeup you did it looked beautiful!” It has also given me the knowledge and skills I need to build my business and thanks to that I now have a small clientele of repeat customers and new customers.


Makeup By Bianca Roche At The Institute Of Makeup Graduation Photoshoot…

Since week one I have been able to slowly but surely build up my business and market myself on the internet all while putting my best possible work out for the world to see and it is all thanks to Haley and The Institute of Makeup.


If you are passionate about making more than just what you think is a talent or hobby I couldn’t recommend The Institute of Makeup highly enough.


This course has made me follow my dreams, there’s something very special when a passion becomes a career and my dreams have definitely come true, and I’m sure yours will too, you just need to take that first step…


Yours successfully, 

Bianca x