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My name is Haley Hughes, thanks for stopping by.
I started The Institute Of Makeup with the aim of providing the easiest to follow,
most in depth, real world applicable training that it is virtually impossible not to
kick ass after becoming part of the family!

So in other words – I’m here to give you the recipe to the secret sauce of success!

With the right knowledge, help and support you’ll be empowered with the
confidence necessary to go out there and start living the life you deserve and so
badly want.

I’ve created a fool proof, easy to follow proven system to help get you to where
you want to be….all you need to bring to the table is dedication and excitement!


Exclusive Opportunities to Work and/or Assist on Big Name Shoots

Some our students have had the opportunity to work with clients such as: CLEO ...

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Unparalleled Help & Support

Join our community where you'll be encourage and supported every step ...

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Discover How To Take Part In Your Own Portfolio Photoshoot!

The very first thing anyone will ask you when deciding if they should book you as their ...

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Risk Free Guarantee

We know you're going to absolutely love what we have in store – so jump on board ...

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  • STEP 1

    Enrol in Bootcamp - online or over the phone and Receive your Professional Makeup Artistry Kit

  • STEP 2

    Complete the Homework set for you each week
    and submit to your tutor

  • STEP 3

    Join in our weekly Live Q&A sessions connecting
    with Haley herself and your classmates

  • STEP 4

    Participate in real world on the job training opportunities....our students have secured work experience with Red Bull; CLEO Magazine; Flight Centre; TV Commercials; Fashion Shows; Short Films; Weddings and much more

  • STEP 5

    Receive Your Certificate!

Your Professional CERTIFICATE

Our Makeup Mastery Bootcamp Certificate is awarded to all graduates upon completion of the course.

Your certificate can be used to gain recognition of your study.

You’ll now be set up for your exciting and successful career in a wide range of fields in makeup artistry including: Bridal; Retail; Television; Commercial Photoshoots and Fashion.

Our graduates have achieved amazing success including: working with big name brands such as: Red Bull; Flight Centre; CLEO Magazine.

They’ve experienced the excitement of seeing their work published in a range of magazine, and the joy of setting up successful careers in the bridal industry and so much more.

Now it’s your turn to shine…


Curriculum left image


I wanted to add in a personal note for those of you who are reading through all of the information on our website and may be thinking ‘this is great and all, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this….what if I’m not good enough?”

I’ve been helping people just like you turn their passion into their paycheck for 7 years now…which means I’ve been able to test and measure my approach to mentoring over this time - to create this finely tuned, result driven system to help you get the results you want and quickly.

My company has been built from love, hard work and an unwavering dedication to help as many individuals as I can not only turn their passion into their paycheck, but to discover an inner confidence they never knew existed and start living a life they’ve always dreamed of, yet never thought was possible.

This may sound bold, or even corny, but for me, this was my journey.

I didn’t always know what my ‘passion’ was, let alone how to make money from it. So after experiencing the ups and downs of the high powered corporate life and seeing 2 of my colleagues leave my workplace with various forms of cancer within 6 months of one another, I realised there was more to life.

Since then, I discovered the how to create a new career and a new life for myself in a field I new nothing about - to discover an incredible and exciting career I never thought I would be lucky enough to find.

For me, this business is personal, because I know what it’s like to doubt wonder if you’ll be good enough and if it’s possible to make money doing something that you love…

So if you too have ever wondered if you can have a career you love, working the hours you want, and still having the time to enjoy life, the answer is a huge ‘YES!’.

This is why I’m excited to share with you, the same incredible feeling of self worth, purpose and zest for life, that I get to experience every day.

So if you’ve read this far, this may be just what you’ve been looking for.

I truly hope that this is the beginning of an amazing relationship between you and me, as I hold your hand every step of the way through your journey into discovering the exciting world of professional makeup artistry.

With lots of love,

Haley   XO

Module 1

•Building Your Makeup Kit - Discover The ‘Must Haves’ Every Professional Makeup Artist Needs

•Makeup Brush information

•Skin Preparation Techniques

•Creating Flawless Foundation & Concealing

•Perfecting Eyebrows

•Eye Shapes - Learn how to and the 'How to' per eye shape

•Applying False Lashes

•Smokey Eye

Module 2

•Creating The Perfect Pout - discover the tricks for longer lasting lipstick.

•Applying blush - Discover if you are making this 1 common mistake most people make when applying blush that adds years to how old you look (this is NOT what your clients want!)

•The Cut Crease - Channel your inner ‘Old Hollywood Glamour’ and learn the tricks used by celebrities to look red carpet ready for any event.

•Creating a Booming Bridal Business - learn the most requested bridal makeup looks and the

Module 3

•Winged Eyeliner - You’re about to discover how to create wings so sharp you could cut somebody!

•Male Grooming - We continually hear about how to help women look and feel their best….but what about the guys? So many artists make these 3 BIG mistakes when applying makeup/grooming men.  In this lesson we’ll walk you through step by step how to avoid the common pitfalls made by beginner artists when working with males.

•Contouring; Highlighting and Baking - Finally a no nonsense approach to contouring and highlighting like a pro.  You’ll learn: When to contour and Highlight;  How to apply each product correctly; Why most makeup artist you see on Youtube are doing it wrong and how you can avoid the embarrassing mistakes so many amateur artists make when attempting this technique.

•Mature Skin - Mature skin requires a slightly different approach to makeup application.  We’ll show you how the tricks used by mature celebrity clients to look 10 years younger, without resorting to surgery! Plus how to avoid the dreaded creasing under the eyes after applying concealer.

•Asian Eyes - Did you know that up to 50% of all Asians are born with the ‘Single Eyelid’ or ‘Monolid’, meaning they don’t naturally have an upper eyelid crease?  You’ll be shown step by step how to create and adapt different eyeshadow techniques, specifically to suit Asian eyes.

•Building Your Portfolio - What images you must have in your portfolio to get more bookings

Module 4

•Creating a Successful Makeup Artistry Business  - You’ll learn how to not only become an amazing makeup artist, but a successful one...This is where you discover how you can turn your passion into your paycheck.  I’ll show you the trick used that had one of our students book her first bridal party (earning her $400) within 4 minutes of doing this 1 simple thing.

•Setting up your business - getting your ABN, registering your business name, designing business cards, getting your very own website and much more

•Discover The Little Known Ways Make Money From Makeup Artistry, Plus getting to know how to set your rates - how much to charge, whether you should charge for travel and how much.  

Bonus Curriculum!

Spray Tanning

Maximise your earnings and offer your clients and easy 1 stop shop for all their beauty needs!

Find out how to apply the perfect spray tan – this module has been added as a bonus just for you and can help you earn hundreds of extra dollars per week in the comfort of your own home.

Airbrush Makeup

If you're wanting to break into the Bridal industry and have peace of mind knowing that you are booked solid for the next 6 – 12 months (even up to 2 years!), then you need to have the skills to offer your brides airbrush makeup. No need to spend thousands on a seperate Airbrush Makeup Course…as part of our Platinum Bootcamp, we've included this in-demand bonus course (Valued at $1,497.00) for you 100% FREE!

Done For You Templates

Let's face it, no one likes doing paper work, yet it is an important part of any business….not to worry thought – we've done the hard work for you. From invoice templates, makeup face charts, to must have bridal contracts we've got you covered.

Bonus Make Up Kit!

You’ll receive these fabulous items as part of your professional make up starter kit absolutely free:

  • Makeup Belt
  • Kit 1
  • Kit 2
  • Kit 3

Try Out Makeup Mastery RISK FREE FOR 21 DAYS

We’re here to make your passion your profession…

Places Are Limited. Apply Now!

Try Out Makeup Mastery RISK FREE FOR 21 DAYS

We’re here to make your passion your profession…

Places Are Limited. Apply Now!


“Our students have achieved some amazing goals including: having their work featured in Cleo Magazine; working on TV Commercials; securing bookings with big name fashion labels; featuring in Bridal magazine’s, worked with fashion parades, short films and much more… and you can too!”

In The Comfort Of Your Own Home:

Working with brides and their bridal parties; graduates celebrating their formals; and many more

At a Top Name Makeup Counters:

Discover the 2 main things that large cosmetic companies want to know BEFORE hiring you!

In Film or TV:

Mingling with celebrities and actors ***Sssshhhh Important tip!! *** Find out now, before it’s too late, why so many talented makeup artists miss out on huge opportunities to work with big name celebrities.

On photoshoots with models and photographers:

Learn why this 1 critical step can make or break your career and how to avoid teaming up with the wrong photographer

Try Out Makeup Mastery RISK FREE FOR 21 DAYS

We’re here to make your passion your profession…

Places Are Limited. Apply Now!