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I’m doing a little reno at home at the moment….


A little paint here, some new cushions there.


When we started painting I was super excited.  I’d picked the perfect colour, I imagined how good the room would look once we finished, and envisioned the grand before and after reveal like what we’re used to seeing on shows such as The Block and Reno Rumble…


I jumped in with gusto, dressed up in my cute denim overalls and tied  bandana around my head so I looked the part, then got all the paint, buckets and brushes lined up and ready to go.


The first hour or so I felt great – me and my hubby had started sanding, patching, and cutting in (painting along the edges of the wall where it meets the skirting boards).


It was challenging at first, keeping a straight line as I was cutting in along the edges, but I enjoyed it, I could see the progress we were making and was feeling pretty proud of myself, saying ‘I’ve got this, I’ll be done in no time’.


After a few hours of doing the same thing, I took a step back and looked at the room.


It looked EXACTLY the same.


As though I had done nothing but just stood there staring at a wall for 2 hours.


It felt so demoralising.


Not only had I been working really hard, but I couldn’t see the progress that I was making anymore. The initial excitement had started to wear off, and the feeling of overwhelm started to creep in as I realised just how much more work I had to go.


I was starting to feel like I wasn’t getting anywhere, like I was simply going around and around and around for no reason.


It can feel the same way when you start anything new, particularly makeup.


I have this conversation a lot with my students, and unless you can see the hidden benefit during the seemingly unrewarding period of learning and making small progress, it becomes a huge barrier to your success.


Have you started something all guns blazing, excited and cannot wait to jump in and get your hands dirty…


Then after a while, the initial excitement wears off and self doubt creeps in?


You start to wonder if the hard work is going to pay off.  You feel like it’s pointless doing the same thing over and over again as you’re not making any progress anyway, you may as well throw in the towel and give up.


Well I’m here to tell you something super important…



What you may not realise and don’t see at the time, is the development of Muscle memory.  During this learning period you’re actually getting more precise, faster and building your confidence so that eventually it becomes second nature.


After a few weeks now of painting around the house I can paint a room in half the time I was when I first got started….I’m no longer second guessing myself and asking my hubby (Kristian) a million questions and I’m proud as punch whenever someone comes over and comments on the new room!


However it could have easily gone the other way.


I could have given up and told myself how things are ok the way they are (better the devil you know) and all of that kind of stuff.


But if I did, I would have missed out on all the rewards:  A new skill, a new room, and a new found confidence to start tackling more rooms in the house, and making some really great memories with Kristian at the same time.


So if you are struggling with a decision to keep going with something right now that you used to feel excited about – don’t give up on yourself….the rewards are just over that hill waiting for you.

I want to hear from you – Have you ever pushed through the ‘Pain of Progress’?  What did you do to keep yourself motivated?


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With paint stained hands and feelings of accomplishment,

Haley xox


p.s. I’ve added our before and after pic for you 🙂


Before we started painting:

That’s Kristian on the right (he’ll kill me once he see’s I’ve uploaded a half naked pic of him haha) and our 2 little rascal puppy dogs Peppy (the Chihuahua and Gus the French Bulldog)


And After!After