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It’s happened to us all…

You’ve spent a good hour perfecting your makeup, and are so proud of your efforts you think “I need a photo of this!”..

Only to find once you’ve taken a quick snap the makeup looks dull, unimpressive and totally different from how it really looks in person…leaving you cursing your phone and wondering how on earth all these artists on instagram seem to effortlessly upload pic after pic of bright, eye catching looks.

Well, fear no more!

I asked international photographer (and selfie expert 😉 ) Dan Molloy to pop into the studio to share all his tips and tricks to capturing an incredible photo of you or your client.

I would LOVE to know if these tips have helped take your selfie game to the next level, so leave a comment below or tag us in your before and after pic on instagram: @TheInstituteOfMakeup

Happy snapping!

Haley xo