How To Become a Successful Makeup Artist...Haley Hughes Interviews Pablo Morgade - The Institute of Makeup
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Getting to the top of your game in the makeup artistry world takes time, dedication and a lot of hard work.

However, when you truely love what you do, none of this matters as you love the ‘hard work’ and relish every challenge that comes your way as you know you’re on your true path.

In saying that, who doesn’t love a little helping hand and a good old shortcut?

This is why I’ve put together a series of interview just for you, to help you get the results you want and deserve sooner rather than later!

So, I sat down with some of Australia’s most successful makeup artist to find out exactly what their secrets are to getting to where they are today…

First up is the incredible, humble and talented Pablo Morgade.

Pablo has been working for MAC cosmetics over 6 years…He’s worked in Fashion Week NZ 2013, Face chart creator for Fashion Week Australia 2015, body art team for IMATS Australia 2015, face chart image creator worldwide makeup forum for David Jones stores and X-factor Australia 2015, IMATS Australia 2015, The Voice Australia 2016/17, Australia Next Top Model 2016 ,The Biggest Loser makeover 2017 , Pacha Ivy Club Sydney make up team, Australia fashion week 2016/17.
I have been given the opportunity to work with our most prestigious clients like Edwina McCann editor of Vogue Australia and Julie Bishop member of the Australian House of Representatives, among others.

So sit back, relax and enjoy all the juicy secrets I’ve been able to get for you, on how to become a successful makeup artist…and fast!

Haley xo