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Toss Your Makeup?!

As I asked around my group of friends I couldn’t seem to find 1 person that was:

1) aware of the used by dates of their makeup and
2) would ever dream of throwing their makeup away

So why am I trying to convince you to do just that.

Let Me Explain…

Did you know that the majority of your makeup items has an expiration date?

Yup, they do.

Once you open makeup and the air gets to it the products begin to oxidise and bacteria creeps in.

So what does this mean exactly?

Essentially,if you continue to use makeup that’s out of date, you’re risking your health and your skin. Skin and eye infections can be common side effects from using old makeup.

Want to know if your makeup stash is safe?

Check out the video I made just for you:


No time for a video? Here’s a quick snap shot to help in the mean time:

When to throw away yourold makeup

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Haley x